Sherry L. Garter  

Certified Advanced Consultant Facilitator of Three In One Concepts, Inc. One Brain® technique and Certified Sedona Method® Coach 

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Email: Sherry@InnerFocus.Pro

How Does STRESS Affect Us?

Stress affects our learning and performance in both positive and negative ways.  When we are learning a skill, negative stress can interfere with our ability to perform well.  Whenever we repeat the skill, the same negative stress is triggered and our performance suffers again.  We get stuck in patterns of repeating the past and feel we have no choice to change in the present moment.  The One Brain® system developed by Three In One Concepts, Inc. can assist you in learning your own power of choice.

Some benefits clients have experienced are:

  • Enhanced Performance

  • Improved Relationships

  • Increased Communication Skills

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Improved Memory

  • Improved Sleep

  • Pain Reduction/Elimination

  • Increased Grades

  • Increased Reading Skills

  • Expanded Perception & Consciousness 

  • Profitable Choices

What can you do about Stress?

Developed by Three In One Concepts, Inc. the One Brain® system is a unique approach in transforming stress from negative to positive.  We all need stress to motivate us toward accomplishments in our lives.  However, we want a positive outcome and the highest for all concerned to happen.  The point of power is seeing both sides in every situation, so you can make a clear conscious choice in the present moment.  Gently pressing on your arms or using surrogate testing, a trained certified facilitator uses muscle response to identify and acknowledge the issues and stressors, so you can solve the problems that are preventing you from achieving what you want to create.  The only person that can solve the problem is the person with the problem.  Therefore, once you know what and when the problem began, you are at choice to create alternatives and solutions.  Since your muscles and mind work in harmony and simultaneously, we use muscles and One Brain® system to tell the story.  We acknowledge how you feel and what you want in that situation.  This process is fascinating, fun, easy and gentle!