Sherry L. Garter  

Certified Advanced Consultant Facilitator of Three In One Concepts, Inc. One Brain® technique and Certified Sedona Method® Coach 

Call: (516) 330-7935


Email: Sherry@InnerFocus.Pro

Sherry L. Garter 

Sherry's background and training is in Human Behavior & Wellness with a BFA in Art, Business and Psychology.  She has been exploring personally and professionally since 1969, combining a number of techniques to encourage and support her client’s well-being.

Sherry is a Certified Rebirther from The Loving Relationship Training & Rebirthing School since 1986.  In 1989, she started practicing professionally as a Certified Advanced Facilitator of Three In One Concepts® One Brain® technique.  In 2009 was certified as a coach in the renowned Sedona Method®.  In her practice she integrates the Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as the works of Dr. Michael Ryce, Margaret Lynch, Byron Katie, Louise Hay, Anthony Robbin's NLP, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, EMDR and many more. 

Using an existing structure from the One Brain® system and muscle response, Sherry works with clients, either in person or as a surrogate, using Skype or Phone. Together acknowledging and releasing emotional/physical/spiritual baggage through an exploration that easily, effortlessly and safely allows for choice and flow where before there was resistance/blockages consciously and subconsciously.