Sherry L. Garter  

Certified Advanced Consultant Facilitator of Three In One Concepts, Inc. One Brain® technique and Certified Sedona Method® Coach 

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Email: Sherry@InnerFocus.Pro

June 3rd, 2014   "This month I celebrate one year of working with Sherry!  It is difficult to put into words the tremendous positive change that has taken place.  She has skillfully treated me with various techniques & methods which have allowed me to be a better person for myself & for others. As a physician, I am fully devoted to caring for my patients, but managed to personally deprive myself. Her work has allowed me to love & care for myself, which has allowed me to better love and care for others without compromise. I am now a better friend for myself, companion, mother, daughter and friend.  

I am able to see things in life in a more truthful way, have clarity in my thoughts & decision making processes.  I have been successful in working through issues I previously would not even allow myself to recognize despite the impact on my life and those around me. Walls have been broken & relationships restored to better than I ever imagined.

The lists of benefits goes on & on.  I'm excited and motivated to see further changes as I continue my journey with her skills and expertise. She is excellent! She has assisted me in transforming myself and my life in a kind and gentle way. 

I had no idea what I was in for after initially meeting her with a group last June and  then setting up my first session. It was a life changing decision and the best decision I've made.

In closing, I honestly say her skills & techniques have been invaluable for me.  The process has not always been easy but always gentle.  I am encouraged by the tangible changes I can see and feel.  I am motivated especially by the positive feedback from those closest to me, as they benefit, as a result of my positive transformation.  I am grateful for her and her devoted work as this year's journey has been my best yet!"

Vannette N. Perkins, MD 

Professional Pain Management Associates, P.A.

May 29th, 2014   "Working with Sherry allows me to decrease my stress level so that I can make change. I like that when we're working it isn't an intellectual endeavor; 3-in-1 addresses the innate part of me. It is not just alot of talking back and forth, but rather a deeper journey into self-discovery using the non-verbal part of my knowing. I understand myself better. The work helps me to acknowledge my attributes, to reframe my weaknesses, and to painlessly work through my issues. After my last 3-in-1 I was able to confront and complete 2 enormous tasks that have been in the wings for several years. They're done.... and I'm feeling relieved."
Dr J.Jacobs chiropractor/nutritionist